Upgrade Your Landline

Due to infrastructure changes being made within the telecommunications industry, your current phone line no longer provides a reliable connection for your alarm system. Upgrading to a wireless communicator is crucial to guaranteeing your system can transmit data to our monitoring station. Scroll down to find out why it’s important to upgrade from your landline connection – or click the button below to request your landline upgrade now.

VOIP Modifications

Local telecommunications companies have been changing their landlines to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. VOIP does not provide a consistent connection for fire and systems. Click to find out more.

Less Secure

Landlines are easier for criminals to disrupt and overcome. Above ground lines can also be more susceptible to weather events such as storms and natural disasters.


Modern alarm systems offer added services such as remote monitoring and control. They also offer added automation capabilities which are not compatible with telephone lines.

Be Proactive

Every day our central station receives numerous notices that another security system is not communicating. When we alert customers, they are often unprepared and had no idea their landline has been affected by telecommunications infrastructure being moved to fiber optics and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. Some clients had received a letter, but didn’t realize how it would impact their security system. Other clients weren’t given any warning at all. It’s important to be proactive so your system isn’t left inoperable. There’s a good reason why VOIP doesn’t work well with security and fire systems. Find out more here:

The Upside

There are many positive advantages to switching to wireless communication. First, most wireless upgrades enable certain remote features that weren’t available through a landline. Second, if you are paying for a phone line for your security system, you may now save money once you cancel this service. Additionally, cellular lines are faster than older landlines.


Here are some common questions and answers about upgrading your landline connection for your security system.

Traditionally, landlines were dedicated pairs of copper wires, and they worked by transmitting voltage through these copper wires. Phone companies would support these copper landlines with their own power structure which is why we used to still have telephones during an electricity outages. This is one of the main reasons telephone lines were once considered to be very reliable ways to transmit alarm data.

However, since 2000, phone companies have worked steadily to replace the copper wire lines with new fiber optic lines. This is so they can offer a less expensive alternative to clients through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. VOIP sends signals by compressing data to send it over internet connections. Because the data needs to be compressed, it can often change the content of the signal. So if you have a fire alarm, for instance, it may come in as an unidentified trouble signal.

Even if you know that you are currently connected to a functioning copper wire landline, it will still be impacted by the greater phone company changes to fiber optic infrastructure. Your alarm signal will start out on the copper telephone line but as it moves into the larger telecommunications fiber optic structure it will be necessary to compress the data and send it over VOIP connections. These VOIP connections can be problematic for alarm signals. For more information about how VOIP impacts your alarm system communications, please read our informational VOIP webpage on this topic.

It will make your alarm communication faster and more reliable! Wireless communication has been found to be quicker than landline connections and is considered safer as well.

Your alarm system will no longer need a landline to communicate once your upgrade is complete. Many of our customers cancel their landline phone service after their upgrade, saving them a lot of money overall.

No, your alarm system will have it’s own wireless communicator independent of any cell phone plan you have. There’s also no need to request another service from your cell phone company. Depending on your area and equipment type, we will determine if a cellular, radio, or other type of communicator would work best for you. Additional costs for your communication service will be covered within your monthly alarm service fee.

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