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Finally. Corporate level cyber protection for your small business.

You've gone to great lengths to secure your computer networks and company data. You most likely have the latest anti-virus software and keep all of your running software up to date. Perhaps you've even hired an IT professional to install a firewall and segment your networks. Even after all of that, is your business truly protected from today's advanced cyber threats?

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Well known companies like Target and Home Depot frequently make headline news when their networks are infiltrated by experienced hackers. Yet it's actually small businesses like yours impacted most, incurring 81% of all data breaches.

Finally, there is a REAL solution to protect your business from today's advanced internet threats; the Vyanet Digital Shield. Created by a seasoned team of cyber security's top IT professionals, you can now receive the same high level of network protection as large corporations and government offices. Finally, you can have real peace of mind knowing that your business is fully protected from all forms of cyber attack.

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